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    G Adventures Honest Review

    If you are looking to go for a trip to Central America, South America or Africa or somewhere exotic, you probably run cross G Adventures: https://www.gadventures.com/. G Adventures is a travel company based in Toronto offers small-group tours in many different countries. The thing about going on a trip with a tourist group is that you pay first and you get your service later. You are stuck with it whether you like it or not. I went on a trip with G Adventures in Central America, I would not describe the trip pleasant, and here is why. Disclaimer: this review is based on my expectation and my preferences for a…

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    多伦多的冬天又来了,跟很多人不一样,我很期盼多伦多的冬天,因为终于可以滑雪了。 作为一个滑雪老司机,多伦多的滑雪场我都去了不少。可能最出名还是蓝山(Blue Mountain)。确实,这个滑雪场最大,山坡长,但是人多,远,而且贵,不是很适合初学者。现在由我来介绍一下我知道多伦多附近的滑雪场。

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    Toronto CityPASS 3 Day Itinerary

    If you want to visit Toronto’s landmarks, I high recommend Toronto CityPASS. It has 5 most popular tourist attractions: CN Tower, Casa Loma, Ripley’s Aquarium, Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto Zoo or Ontario Science Centre. This blog is a step by step tour guide perfect for first-time visitors. It shows my ideal version of Toronto CityPass 3 day itinerary. All you need to do is to print out this blog or have it on your phone, I guarantee you would not get lost in the city. For the Toronto CityPASS, you could buy it online in advance or buy on the spot at any of 5 attractions. I have lived in Toronto for many years and…

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    Things to Know in Varadero, Cuba: What to Expect?

    Now you booked a trip to Varadero, Cuba or want to book one, but you don’t know what to expect and what to bring? One thing you need to bring for sure: bug spray. I have been to Varadero twice, both times I booked an all-inclusive hotel, and I came up a list of things to know in Varadero: Varadero is a popular Canadian winter destination. At the hotel we stayed in, 50% of guests are Canadian. There are tourists coming from all over the world, like the United States, Russia, Columbia… Even though we might not get an idea about Cuba, the local Cubans have an idea about Canada…

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    Cheap Ski Gears: Where to Buy?

    If you are into ski or snowboard and tired of rental, you might think to get your own set. Ski and snowboard are somewhat expensive activities because there are so many gears involved: poles, boards, helmet, gloves, jacket, mask, goggles… It is a sport that quality of your gears would impact your performance. Moreover, sometimes you might need to ski at the extremely cold weather, and you want to properly protected. I heard people put duct tape on their face to resist the wind, so this is why it would essential to invest in the ski gears. Here are some tips to get cheap ski gears: