HelloFresh Honest Review

Recommend it: neh~ too expensive

So it is about $25 per meal for 2 meal, I am expecting high-quality recipes, but it gives me burger and fries.

A Burger Recipe from HelloFresh

We tried HelloFresh ( service because we got a $100 coupon. I did not understand the service at first, so I forgot to cancel it after using up the $100. Then it is until I check my credit card bill, I realize that I need to cancel.

What the service does

It is a food delivery service that is not take-out. Instead, it delivers raw ingredient to you and you have to cook on your own.

You order online and it delivers a big box for the meal of the week to your door. It bills you weekly until you cancel. The big box includes all the ingredients and all the recipes you need for those meals. This service basically saves you a trip to the supermarket and helps you to decide what recipe to use for dinner.

I got confused because when I did online, it shows me the delivery dates of 4-5 coming weeks, so I thought it covers 4-5 weeks. Silly me. $100 only lasts 1 week and the portion was so small. We ordered meals for 2 people, however, I think the meal size is just for 1 person.


4 meals for 2 people costs about $100 per week. In the end, I paid $100 out of my own pocket to have 8 meals for 2 weeks from HelloFresh.

What I like

The delivery was always on time and the delivery guy usually left quietly on the front door. The recipes are easy to follow, and the finished product is usually delicious. The ingredients used are pretty good and fresh.

Another recipe from HelloFresh

What I don’t like

Too much package and too many plastics bags, feel very environmentally unfriendly. The portion is too small for 2 people. And of course, too expensive.


If you got a coupon to use, then try this service, otherwise, you are paying 3-4 times of grocery prices.



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