Restaurant Review: Le Papillon On Front

Location: 69 Front St E, Toronto, ON M5E 1B5


This review for 2018 Winterlicious menu.
What I recommend to order: salmon for starter, veal for main, pecan pie for dessert
Service: 4/5
Food: 3/5
Dessert: 1/5
Reservation Needed: probably not
Value worth for Winterlicious: average, you get what you pay for, not a good deal though.


I came to “Le Papillon On Front” with my family. I made a reservation in advance; however, this place looks pretty empty that I don’t think a reservation would be needed.
So we tried out Winterlicous menu here.

Inside the restaurant

Starter: we all ordered salmon for the starter. The dish came with 2 pieces of bread, a little bowl of salmon and a very small salad. You spread salmon on the bread. The taste is pretty good.

Starter: Salmon

Main: we ordered chicken and veal. The Veal Roulade only has 3 pieces. Both dishes have mashed potatoes and boiled veggie. The portion is good. I like the taste of veal. For chicken, it tastes a bit dry.


Dessert: we actually order all 3 desserts here. White and Dark chocolate mousse is extremely sweet, I could not finish my dish. Key Lime Pie is extremely sour as well, which my mother could finish either. They don’t have Double Chocolate Pecan Pie, but Pecan Pie, which tastes somewhat sweet as well. However, this dish is the best tasting one.

White and Dark chocolate mousse, super sweet

Overall, I think this Winterlicious experience is pretty average. I do not think I get a good Wwinterlicious deal.



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