Miku Toronto: Winterlicious 2018 Review

Miku Toronto is a high-end sushi place located in the heart of financial district. I have been to Miku Toronto a couple of times. It is definitely the best tasting sushi I ever had in Toronto. At the same time, it is the most expensive sushi I had as well. For the same price for a dinner for 1 person here, I could eat at all-you-can-eat sushi buffet for 2 people. I paid $60+ for the winterlicious menu here, and I was not full afterward.


Location: 105-10 Bay Street (at Queen’s Quay), Toronto, ON M5J 2R8, entrance through RBC Waterpark Place lobby


Service: 5/5, very friendly and attentive service
Food taste: 4/5
Portion: incredibly small
Price: incredibly expensive. 53/person before tax and tip, 60 after tax.
Overall value: 2/5, I don’t really recommend to have Winterlicious here.

If you really want to try this place, I would recommend weekday lunch if you have times. You could have a meal for under $30, compared to $60 per person.


A group of us came to Miku Toronto for Winterlicious, I don’t think any of us was full after the meal.
I ask the waitress what are the most popular dish and ordered exactly that: signature Aburi platter for starter, sablefish and lobster tail for main, green tea opera for dessert.


signature Aburi platter
signature Aburi platter

The portion was really small. For the sushi platter, it tasted really good, however, only 6 pieces of sushi. This sushi platter is very tasty. However, I ate it too quickly. The sushi here does not need to be dipped in soy sauce, the sauce and wasabi are inside the sushi.

Main Course

sablefish and lobster tail
sablefish and lobster tail

For the main course, the lobster tail is raw, fresh and tender. The sablefish was extremely tender and juicy as well, and I love the sauce used. However, the portion is small. I wish I could have more.


green tea opera
green tea opera

The green tea opera is rich, it has hazelnuts cake and one scope of green tea ice cream. The dessert was good and small.


I can’t believe I just spent over $60 only this small meal. It is good to try Miku Toronto once, but I would not come back and eat again. Also, be aware that option is small here. I highly recommend the sushi dish here, after it, I understand what is the best quality sushi tastes like. However, in my opinion, I did not get a good deal on this year’s winterlicious menu.

I think for the lunch menu, I might get a better value; however, this place is booked very fast and there is no space left during weekend lunch time.

If you really want to try Miku, I would suggest trying to book early for a lunch spot during winterlicious or summerlicious, or try its weekday lunch specials.



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