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Cheap Ski Gears: Where to Buy?

If you are into ski or snowboard and tired of rental, you might think to get your own set. Ski and snowboard are somewhat expensive activities because there are so many gears involved: poles, boards, helmet, gloves, jacket, mask, goggles… It is a sport that quality of your gears would impact your performance. Moreover, sometimes you might need to ski at the extremely cold weather, and you want to properly protected. I heard people put duct tape on their face to resist the wind, so this is why it would essential to invest in the ski gears. Here are some tips to get cheap ski gears:

My cheap ski gears
My cheap ski gears

These are my ski gears:

  • helmet from Mec about $100
  • ski pants from Costco about $30
  • jacket from Columbia outlet in the US about $80 USD
  • boots from SportChek about $100
  • ski boards and binding from SportChek about $300
  • poles from Sporting Life about $30
  • ski goggles from Winners about $30
  • ski mask from online (Aliexpress) about $1 USD
  • gloves bought online about $10

I bought them over the years, now doing the calculation, I can’t believe I spent over $700 on skiing! However, if I keep skiing, I would save more time and money on the rental. (Catch 22, at the same time, I would spend my money on lift tickets.)

However, later I realized there are cheaper ways to buy gears, and I bought gears for my boyfriend with a much cheaper price. Here are some tips:

Buy Big Pieces 2nd Hand From Kijiji during Summer Time

If you want to buy ski boards, snowboards, ski helmets, or boots and don’t mind use 2nd hand, I would recommend buying from Price is cheaper during summer time than winter.

cheap ski gears from Kijiji
cheap ski gears from Kijiji

Tips when buying gears from

1. Negotiable price

My boyfriend bought a pair of ski boots and ski boards for $100 during summer. We negotiated the price with sellers (originally asked for $120).

2. Know the length of board you need to buy

One thing you should be aware that types of equipment are different for each level. Advanced ski boards are a bit different than beginner ski boards. Be sure to check out this article about how to choose downhill skis:

If you are buying a snowboard, be sure to check out this article as well:

3. Avoid old types of boards

You have to be careful buying things with 2nd hand, you always have to know what length of ski boards or snowboards you are buying. Moreover, there are some very old types of ski boards and snowboards listed on Kijiji as well (more than 10 years), they are usually heavy and hard to perform with, so try to avoid those.

Buy Off-Season, Black Friday or Boxing Day

If you want a brand new set, a general tip would be buying them off-season, at end of winter. There are usually on sale. Moreover, if you want to buy at beginning of ski season, you could try to check out the deals on Black Friday or Boxing Day. I got mine ski boards and binding on Black Friday at SportChek on sale without HST.

Buy Small Gears online from eBay or Aliexpress

For small pieces like ski goggles, ski mast, ski gloves, ski pants, even helmets, you could choose to buy them online from Aliexpress or eBay. However, in my experience, sellers are usually in China and the shipping time is usually long. However, compared to things in Sporting Life and SportChek, the quality is pretty decent and the price is significantly lower. I have been using ski mark at $1 USD and my boyfriend has been using ski goggles at $20 USD from Aliexpress, and things are lasting pretty well.

For ski goggles for instance, on Aliexpress, there are so many options for $20 USD.

ski goggles around $20 USD on Aliexpress
ski goggles around $20 USD on Aliexpress

At SportChek, the cheapest adult ski goggles I could find is $34.99 + tax which is out of stock at nearby stores. The next available one I could find is $39.99 + tax.

Ski goggles as SportChek
Ski goggles as SportChek

So if you are willing to wait, you are definitely going to save some money if you buy online rather than in retail.

Looking for Outwears? Check out Costco

If you want to buy outwears like jackets, snow pants or inner layers, check out Costco. I bought my ski pants at Costco for around $30 and it is the cheapest ski pants I could find at retail. Costco sells ski outwears at a good price.


Here are my tips for buying your ski gears at a cheaper price. I remember when I checked out Sporting Life and SportChek, obviously they are going to be expensive; however, there are always ways to save. I like skiing and it is definitely a fun winter sport to get in to. Hopefully, this blog post would help you to save some money to buy more lift tickets.



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