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Ski Resorts near Toronto

If you want to ski in winter but don’t want to travel too far, this blog post would show you some ski resorts near Toronto that is within one-hour driving.

Some popular ski resorts like Blue Mountain or Mount St. Louis Moonstone are pretty far, they are generally about 2 hours drive and usually has a lot of people. However, Toronto has many local ski resorts, they are smaller, but it is nearby, usually cheaper and more suitable for beginners.

Westnorth to Uxbridge

Uxbridge has 3 ski resorts all in the same area: Skyloft, Lakeridge, Dagmar. All of them is about 45 minutes from Toronto.

Skyloft Ski Resort

Adress: 722 Chalk Lake Rd, Uxbridge, ON L9P 1R4

Pros: cheap

Cons: small, difficult to drive to, bad quality of rentals, it charges $10 for parking

Tip: it usually has Groupon for winter. Make sure you get that.

Groupon for Skyloft in 2018, Single-Day Lift Ticket from $27
Groupon for Skyloft in 2018, Single-Day Lift Ticket from $27

I have been to Skyloft twice. This is the smallest ski resort out of the 3 ski resorts in Uxbridge, but the cheapest in terms of lift ticket and rentals of the 3. So it is a good starting point for beginners.

However, the location is ski resort is hard to find. You have to drive on the narrow steep mountain roads to get to this resort. I remembered the first time I tried to go to the Skyloft resort, the resort was closed due to a car accident. If you want to visit this resort during winter, I would recommend you to have winter tires.

Moreover, the rental equipment here is not the best quality. Probably because it is a small resort and it does not have much funding to upgrade its rental. In addition, it also charges $10 for parking. It is actually the first time I hear a ski resort charges for parking.

Last time I went here, it only has 1 lift opened and the lineup was long. During that busy day, it would take up to 20 minutes for 1 lift.

Lakeridge Ski Resort

Adress: 790 Chalk Lake Rd, Uxbridge, ON L9P 1R4

Pros: large resort with a lot of variety, right beside the main road, free parking

Cons: no outside food, a bit more expensive

Tip: get the Groupon coupon booklet. Buy it in advance because it needs to mail to you.

Groupon at Lakeridge Ski Resort
Groupon at Lakeridge Ski Resort

This resort is right beside Skyloft. However,  it is beside the main road so it is easier to drive to. I have been to this ski resorts numerous times and I really like it here. Lakeridge Ski Resort is pretty good and fun for intermediate and advanced skiers. It definitely has more varieties in the hills. I have been buying the Groupon coupon for a couple of times and used it for Saturday night ski.

I highly recommend this ski resort out of the 3.

Dagmar Ski Resort

Address: 1220 Lake Ridge Rd, Uxbridge, ON L9P 1R4

Pros: big, besides the main road, a lot of varieties, free parking

Cons: a bit expensive

Tip: get the Coupon Booklet online if you are going with a large group or going more than once a year. It usually sells a coupon booklet every season, but it takes some time to process the order, so buy it in advance.

I have been to this ski resort a couple of time. This ski resort in my option is pretty similar to Lakeridge. It is a big ski resort with a lot of varieties as well and it is suitable for intermediate or advanced skiers. It is a bit expensive and it does not have Groupon, but it is definitely a nice and cozy ski resort.

Eastnorth to Milton

Glen Eden

Adress: 5234 Kelso Rd, Milton, ON L9T 2X7

This one is about 40 minutes from Toronto.

I have never been to this ski resort, but I heard a friend recommend it. Based on the reviews, it seems to be a small resort for beginners.  It is very busy during the weekend, so it is hard to find parking and also requires a long time for a lift.

Tip: weekday lift ticket is cheaper than weekends.

Inside City

Earl Bales Ski & Snowboard

Adress: 4169 Bathurst St, North York, ON M3H 3P8

This is a ski resort located at Bathurst and Sheppard is accessible by TTC. It has a small hill that is good for beginners. If you are new to ski and lives in the city, this might be the best choice to start. I visited this resort when I was a beginner and I spent my whole on this small hill. It was fun to learn and staffs were friendly.


If you are a beginner skier or snowboarder, I would recommend the above resorts to you to start with. They are close by and relatively cheap to try out this sport. If you are an intermediate and advanced skier or snowboarder and don’t want to try 2-hour one way to Blue Mountain, there are a lot of ski resorts near Toronto. I am an intermediate skier and I really like Lakeridge and Dagmar.



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