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G Adventures Honest Review

If you are looking to go for a trip to Central America, South America or Africa or somewhere exotic, you probably run cross G Adventures: https://www.gadventures.com/. G Adventures is a travel company based in Toronto offers small-group tours in many different countries.

The thing about going on a trip with a tourist group is that you pay first and you get your service later. You are stuck with it whether you like it or not. I went on a trip with G Adventures in Central America, I would not describe the trip pleasant, and here is why.

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Disclaimer: this review is based on my expectation and my preferences for a trip. Different people are looking for different things for a trip. I did not enjoy the trip does not mean you will not enjoy it.

TLTR: Don’t recommend it

Trip I went: Panama Experience (https://www.gadventures.com/trips/panama-experience/CRSP/). 14 days long from San Jose, Costa Rica to Panama City, Panama

Summary: the experience felt like a college trip with most people in their 20s.

Would I ever choose G Adventures again: considering it for Peru because the price is low and it is easy for me. However, I am afraid that it would be like this trip again and I don’t fit in with the group again.

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I traveled with G Adventures with the Panama Experience trip a couple of years back.
I got mixed feelings for this trip. The view was nice and the activities we did were interesting. However, I don’t think the trip was for everyone, and it is probably not for me.

If I got to choose again, I probably would not choose the same trip.

I choose the Panama experience mainly because it was on sale and there were direct flights from Toronto to both starting and ending city.

The trip was “Yolo” style and it got age limit up to 39 years old. So I was expecting a young group. However, most people in the group are in their 20s, so it felt like a college trip where everyone else is either trying to get drunk and get laid.

All the people in the group are from either Canada or Europe. I grew up in China and I do feel that the group is too “spoiled”. I really want to try the street food; however, almost every day, we went to a fancy tourist restaurant for the group dinner. It is not expensive comparing food in Canada. However, G Adventures is advertising it would provide the “local” experience. I don’t think it was “local” enough.

I was expecting a lot of physical and outdoor activity. However, the group went to clubbing or drinking every night. I did not like clubbing nor drinking, so I did not join the group most of the nights. One group member got angry at me because I did not join them. Then the next morning, they all got up super late, so the day started pretty late.
The trip felt like a College trip. There were some local activities; however, it mostly drinking, smoking stuff (after all, the trip was in Central America), clubbing, and of course sex / short-term romance between other group members. If this was looking for, you probably enjoy this trip. I did not feel I fit in for the 14 days trip, just like back in college.

Maybe I signed up on a wrong trip. I should sign up to a more hiking and biking related trip. I still did swimming, biking, and hiking on my own. However, I still need to follow the group around.

There was some drama happened between girls during the trip, just like a college trip.

The guide was nice. He was trying to take care of everyone, even the outsider like me.
However, I think I would be better off backpacking by myself or with no friend, or do an all-inclusive resort.



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